Best restaurants on Bonaire

At pickup rental Bonaire we would like everyone who is on Bonaire will organize his time as well and pleasantly as possible. We have a list made of our favorite restaurants and places we like to visit.


Capriccio is a great restaurant on Bonaire. Robert his favorite is the pasta with king prawns. They have delicious wines, of course pizza and the service is very good. You can Here you can sit and dine and the view is great.

Sebastians Restaurant

Sebastians is a very nice restaurant on the boulevard. on Sunday they have Italian night and you can get 1 of the best here eat pizza for a good price. Sebastians also has a location on Sorrobon, this is a lovely place to relax on a bed to lie down or have lunch. They also often have a DJ.

De chef kok's van restaurant Chefs in hun restaurant op Bonaire


Chefs is a small-scale restaurant in the Bamboo Bali resort. It is very difficult to book but once it is succeeded it is well worth the high end food from chefs to try.

Restaurant de dock inclusief het uitzicht op de haven in Bonaire

The Dock

Restaurant the dock is our favorite seafood restaurant on the island. They almost always have the tastiest and freshest tuna here. They get these delivered almost daily from the small harbor next to the restaurant.