Tips over kitesurfen op bonaire

Kitesurfing on Bonaire

Bonaire is one of the world's best places to learn Kitesurfing. The offshore wind that blows almost every day combination with the flat water makes it a perfect combination to learn Kitesurfing faster than on the most other places in the world. There are 2 kitesurfing schools on Bonaire: Bonaire kite school and Kiteboarding Bonaire. Both teach with professionally trained instructors. This way you learn fast, safe and efficient. Below are 2 links to the kitesurfing schools. In the high season we can highly recommend to be on time to book a lesson. The schools both come with a converted school bus to the beach. Bonaire kite school has a yellow bus and Kiteboarding Bonaire has a blue bus.

If you can kitesurf already, Bonaire is a wonderful destination to improve your skills. Bonaire is very good for freeriding, foiling, freestyling or jumping. Drive your rented car from Pickuphuren Bonaire with all kitesurfing gear in the back towards the south. The route to the kitesurfing beach (Atlantis) is beautiful. On the left you have the pink colored salt pans and on the right the mega blue sea. Bonaire is known for the steady wind that blows all year round. Do you want to be sure that it is windy during your kitesurfing holiday? We recommend that you come between December and July!

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