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Frequently asked questions

We want to make car rental on Bonaire as easy as possible for you. However, sometimes you may need a little more information to make the right choice. For that, we have a number of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers.

You don’t need to pay in advance. You can pay at the check-in. You can pay the rent for the car with a debit card or credit card. If you don’t have CDW super/full insurance you also need to pay a deposit of 500$ with a credit card.

Yes, we rent out our cars for 1 day. You can rent a car for 1 day to go to the park or go diving for a day.

You can make a reservation by WhatsApp, email or filling in the reservation form. If we made the reservation you will get a confirmation email with some additional information.

All our cars fit 5 persons except for the Suzuki Jimny (4 persons) and the Ford F150 V8 (6 persons).

  1. Provide help if someone is injured and call the emergency number 911 if required
  2. Stay on the same place and don’t move the car (also if you are on the middle of a busy street)
  3. Call the Caribbean Road Service on 005997179292 / 005997010737
  4. Call Pickup Huren Bonaire on 005997877637

On Bonaire the insurance works a little differently than the rest of the world. The Caribbean Road Service must prepare the accident report before the cars are moved, otherwise you will not be insured. Therefore it is very important to stay in the same place, that you call the Caribbean Road Service and only move the car when the inspector tells you to do so.

If you booked your car at the airport directly after you arrived you will find us at the arrival hall with a sign with your name on it. Afterwards we will:

  1. Check your driver licence
  2. Check the contract together
  3. Do the payment
  4. If you have the standard CDW insurance we will check the damage that is already on the car together. If you have the full insurance CDW super we don’t have to do that.

And then, it is time to enjoy your holiday on Bonaire!

No, you do not need to wash the car. Please note that in case the car is too dirty to carry out a damage check, the damage will  be checked the next day after washing. You can therefore expect a damage or damage-free message the next day and not directly after the checkout.

Yes, the car needs to be refueled. If you did not manage to refuel the car we will ask you to pay the fuel price + extra tank service of 30$ during the check out.


First of all, it is handy to keep in mind that it can be very busy at the gas stations on Bonaire. 

When you want to refuel the car, it is important to drive to the correct side of the pump. Then hand in your debit card at the counter. After, you can fill up the car (diesel is the black and red gun and petrol is the yellow one). When the car is full, you can pay the amount at the counter.

The 3 gasstations we recommend are:

  1. Gasstation Bonaco located on the kaya Industria
  2. Gas express gasstation located on the kaya Neerlandia
  3. Gasstation Curoil located on the kaya korona

Remain calm, stop driving and park the car on the side.

Option 1: Replace the tire yourself, all our cars have a spare tire under or on the back of the car. The tools including the tools for the anti theft nut that you might need is under the back seat or underneath the carpet of the trunk.

Option 2: Call HB road service on 005997852604, they will repair the tire on location. If you have full insurance the bill will be paid by Pickup Huren Bonaire. If you don’t have this it will be deducted from your deposit.

Inform Pickup Huren Bonaire via email, whatsapp or by calling on 005997877637.

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